Thursday, November 18, 2010

Expensive Taste

     As you know, the poor Ancient Egyptians could not afford meat. That's like the President and his family being the only ones lucky enough to afford a hamburger! Why was the meat and wine so pricey? Well, in order to raise animals you need to have a place for them to sleep, food to eat, and workers to clean up after them. I guess Ancient Egyptians had were picky eaters when it came to wine. They either had grapes grown and made into wine at their homes, or imported their wine from a far away place. Both of which obviously weren't cheap.


  1. I thought that was funny when you said that like a president and his family bot being able to afford a hamburger. Also where did they get thier wine from?

  2. You had good voice in this paragraph. You are definately right, that is some expensive wine.

  3. The best part of this post is that you had a lot of information and I thought it was awesome. The thing I thought was unfair is that the king had a servant bring him his food.

    1. yeah, i kinda agree. But then the pharaoh wouldn't have 2 go get it himself, and forget the oven mitts(aka papyrus sheets?)and go AHH HOT CHICKEN NUGGETS I MEAN CHICKEN SOMETHING WAIT CHICKEN NUGGETS!SINCE WHEN WAS THERE SUCH THING AS A MICROWAVE? Then he drops it and it goes to waste

  4. lol we can't afford a hamburger. Wait, who said that the most popu;ar food in ancient Egypt was Lucky Charms? Um...ok, psycho.