Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spices Are Timeless

     Just like Americans are always complaining about the blandness of their gourmet restaurant food, Ancient Egyptians also jazzed up their food with all kinds of spices. Salt was used to preserve meat and to add flavor to Egyptian dishes. Mint, cumin, dill, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, sage, vinegar, and coriander were all spices used to season food, many are in your everyday diet at home! Honey was especially used to make foods and drinks more flavorful. Anise was used to make a licorice, not like the sweet, cherry candy we love, but close.  A spice everyone should have in their pantry was also used in Ancient times, cinnamon. Too bad there wasn't any sugar cane to whip up a batch of snicker doodles! Along with sugar, pepper was no where to be found in Ancient Egypt.


  1. NO PEPPER!!!!! I could not live without pepper. Also I didnt know out of the crops that Ancient Egypt had I would think they had sugar cane.

  2. Once again, good voice. Did they not have cinnamon? That would be bad!

  3. The best part of this selection is that you compared two different things. The thing I didn't know is that there is no pepper or sugar in Ancient Eygpt.