Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ancient Egyptian and Current American Meals Maybe Not So Different After All...

     Have you ever wondered what food Egyptians made and ate in ancient times? The meals vary according to the wealth of families, but you may find many similarities and differences between your dinner last night and an ordinary meal in Ancient Egypt. If you were an Ancient Egyptian, you would expect to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, milk, beer, bread and if you were lucky, meat. Sound familiar? A lot of the same foods are in my refrigerator at home. Even though Ancient Egyptians called these foods by the same name doesn't mean they were prepared or tasted anything alike. Beer was most definitely not made exactly like the beer and bread we can buy at Hy-Vee. The beer consisted of baked barley, and bread mashed up with water. Then left alone for a few days, then strained and cooled in large, semi porous earthenware jugs. As you probably already know, not all the food Ancient Egyptians ate are everyday food in America. A big difference between diets was the bird meat eaten at meals without hesitation. If a goose was sitting on our dinner table at home, I wouldn't dare touch it!

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