Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Thinking Behind Ancient Egyptian Food

     Just like Ancient Egyptians had reasons to build the pyramids, there was also some logic behind what they ate each day. The amount of money a family had pretty much determined what was on the dinner table. Most of the Egyptians couldn't afford to eat meat. On rare occasions, the poor would've eaten goat or bird. Fish was very popular in the lower class, but found dirty and unclean to the rich and famous.
     All the bread everyone ate had to have come from somewhere, right? The large amount of grains depended on the  outcome of the wheat harvest. Since Ancient Egyptian women were completely responsible for gathering and preparing the food eaten by her family. How could they have time to get all her chores done in one day? A vegetable and fruit garden in her backyard, of course! Rich or poor, Ancient Egyptians had a sweet tooth. Honey, beer, wine, marshmallows and licorice were all foods Ancient Egyptians thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. How much more expensive was meat than veggies? Couldn't they kill the animals themselves for meat?